Zarathustra - the message of Ahura Mazda

In order to benefit ( the people of the world), righteousness is laid down for this, my religion, O Ahura Mazda.  ......I choose the chieftainship of good thoughts.    (Ref Spentomad Gatha Ha 49.3) 

    Righteousness1 is4 the best3 good2 (and it) is6 happiness.5 Ashem Vohu

Translations of the Scriptures


"Khordeh Avesta" Translated by -

Prof Ervad Maneck Furdoonji  KANGA    M.A.

from the Gujarati Original Khordeh Avesta Ba Mayeni

of Ervad Kavasji Edulji KANGA


"Gatha-ba-Maani" Translated by -

Prof Ervad Maneck Furdoonji  KANGA    M.A.

from the Gujarati Original Gatha-ba-Maani

of Ervad Kavasji Edulji KANGA



Yashts Ba Mayeni Translated into Gujarati by

Ervad Kavasji Edulji KANGA

edited and published by 

Navroji Pestonji Kavasji KANGA

  (not available in English)


From the book Mazda Yasna -- Some daily prayers from Zend Avesta  

**Tranlation by the late Dossabhoy Sorabji Framroze

KHORDA AVESTA Translated by James Darmesteter 

(Sacred Books of the East, American Edition, 1898., Vol 3, p 216.)






Avesta: Yasna (sacred liturgy)

Translated by L. H. Mills (from Sacred Books of the East, 

American Edition, 1898) except as noted.


AVESTA: YASNA -Gatha Translation 

by C. Bartholomae, from I.J.S. Taraporewala, 

The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra.


he Gathas The Hymns of Zarathushtra By D. J. Irani



Translation of Gathas The Holy Songs Of Zarathushtra 

By Mobed Firouz Azargoshasb

Matrimonial links


MARRIAGE  ?..... May each of you win the other through righteousness."   ref : Gatha Vahishta Ishti


O thou54 Pouru-chista55 of the Family of Haechat-aspana56  of the descendent of Spitama57 O thou youngest58 amongst the daughter59 of Zarathushtra60 the creator Ahura Mazda65 has fixed67  him (i.e. Jamaspa) who is devoted62 to good61 thoughts63 and righteousness64 for thee66 as the husband68. Therefore now69 do thou keep on conversing70 (with him53)and through thy71 holiest73 (or most bountiful) wisdom72 of perfect mindedness74 do thou work with good prudence75

(Ref Vahishtoisht Gatha Ha 53.3) 


Pouru-chista replies Indeed77 I will love80 him76 (i.e. my destined husband) and I will vie79 with him more78 (in my love with him)  (i.e. I will try to show him more love than my husband he will show his love for me) 

Pouru-chista advises her friends as under The daughter who81 will remain faithful83 to her father82, to her husband to her men85 as well as86 her kinsman87 (and) to righteous89 men88 her wish96 of good91 thought90 will be fully93 fulfilled95 and the creator Ahura99 Mazda97  for her good conscience100 will grant98 her Garothman92 (heaven92) for all eternity2,3,4.


(Ref Vahishtoisht Gatha Ha 53.4) 


Prophet Zarathushtra says: To maidens7 marrying6  and to you9 (bridegroom uniting in marriage)  I who am the giver of command or encouragement to get married10 speak8 the word of admonition5 as under: Do you bear in mind13 these utterances12 of mine11(The words of admonition of  Holy Zarathushtra) 

(Ref Vahishtoisht Gatha Ha 53.5) 


Being educated16 through the religious minded persons15 strive to secure14  the life17 of good19 thought20 and with righteousness21 (or with a sincere heart) keep on loving25 each23 other24 amongst you22  thereby26 indeed27 domestic life of each one28 may be30 happy29

(Ref Vahishtoisht Gatha Ha 53.5) 


Fereshaoshtra22, the descendant of Hvogva23 family,  has shown24 me21 precious his daughter25. For the propagation of the good27 ( Mazda worshipping) religion,  it  would be better if the almighty32 Ahura34 Mazda33  may grant (me) his29 (Frashaoshtras22) beloved30 (daughter) For gaining36 righteousness35 (O-Mazda-worshippers) you acknowledge her with respect37.


(Ref Vohu-Kshathra Gatha Ha 51.17) 


Messengers and comparative religion

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