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Zarathustra - the message of Ahura Mazda

In order to benefit ( the people of the world), righteousness is laid down for this, my religion, O Ahura Mazda.  ......I choose the chieftainship of good thoughts.    (Ref Spentomad Gatha Ha 49.3) 

  Righteousness1 is4 the best3 good2 (and it) is6 happiness.5 Ashem Vohu



 There is only one lord - Ahura Mazda

Dădăr Hormazd1 (is) the Lord2 (of the entire Universe) (and) keeps the withholder and keeper at a distance5  the wicked and powerless4 Ahriman,

May (that Ahriman) be smitten6 and defeated7  

ref  : Hormazd Khoday

Zarathushtra teaches His Message

Righteousness1 is4 the best3 good2  (and it) is6 happiness.5

Happiness7 (is) to him,who9 (is) righteous12 

for the sake of the best11 righteousness.10

Ref  : Ashem Vohu


Happiness is to him who makes others happy.

 Ref :  Ushtavaiti Gatha Ha 43


Owing to Best thought word and deed (inspired) through righteousness (the creator) Ahura Mazda doth give unto us happiness (of this world)  and immortality (of the world beyond) (ie--heaven)  prosperity, and perfect mindedness through Spenta Mainyu (ie--Benificent spirit. (ref. Spentomad Gatha Ref. Ha 47.1 translated by Ervad K E Kanga)


Just as is the will3 of the lord God2

so too is that of the spiritual leader5

owing to his righteousness6 ..

The gifts10 of good mind9-11 (vohu mana)

are for those who work12  in this world13 and

wield in accord with the will of Ahura Mazda14.

The kingdom15 of Ahura's heaven16 is for him 17

who18rendereth20 succour21 to the poor20

Ref  Ahunavar


  (The Latin and English equivalent for Avesta word Vãstãr is Pastor.)



May complete12 righteousness4 reach13 all the doers 

of good deeds6 and all the faithful7 (residing) 

on the seven regions of the earth8



I praise12 the true-conceived13 thought,14   (Humata) 

I praise15 the true-spoken16 word,17  (Hukhta) 

I praise18 the well-done 19  deed.20 (Hvarshta)

I praise21 the excellent23 religion22of Mazd?worship,24  

(which is) quarrel-removing,25 weapon-lowering,26    

self-dedicating27(and) holy,28 (Asha=righteous)

ref : Jasa Me Avanghe Mazda 


May there be health a thousand times.

Ref:  Hazanghrem 


Homage32 (be) unto right thought34  

and prosperity!35 

ref : Kem-n?Mazd?/font>

nemasch?y?Armaitish izhăch? is taken 

from the Găth?Spent?Mainyu H?49.10. 




Marriage of Zarathushtra and Hvovi


Marriage of Pouru-chista (daughter of Zarathushtra) and Jamasp


Marriage :- Zarathushtra's  Sermon on marriage

Vohu-Kshathra Gatha Ha 51.17)(translated by Ervad K E Kanga)

Marriage of Zarathushtra and Hvovi                              back

Frashoashtra, the descendant of the Hvogva family has shown me precious his daughter.  For the propagation (of) the good Mazda worshipping Religion  it would be better if Almighty Ahura Mazda may grant (me) his (ie--Frashaoshtra's) beloved (daughter). For gaining righteousness (o Mazda worshippers) you acknowledge (her) with respect.

(Explanation    Prophet Zarathushtra liked the daughter of Frashoashtra named Hvovi on account of her being good virtuous and pious. He prays earnestly top Ahura Mazda that it would be better if she becomes his wife! In the work of propagating the good Mazda worshipping religion  she can help him whenever necessary. At last his hearts desire is fulfilled )

(Ref Vohu-Kshathra Gatha Ha 51.17)(translated by Ervad K E Kanga)


Ha 53.3 Vahishtoisht Gatha translated by Ervad K E Kanga)


Marriage of Pouru-chista (daughter of Zarathushtra) and Jamasp

O thou Pouru-chista of the family of Haechat-Aspana O thou youngest amongst the daughter of Zarathushtra of the descendent of Spitama (the Creator) Ahura Mazda has fixed (or destined) him (i.e.--Jamasp) who is devoted to good thought and righteous for thee as the husband: therefore now do thou keep on conversing with him and through thy holiest (or most bountiful) wisdom of perfect-mindedness do thou work with good prudence. 

Explanation : Haechat-Aspa  and Spitama are the names of the ancestors of the prophet Zarathushtra. Haechat-Aspa the name off the grandfather of Zarathushtra and Spitama is the name of the grandfather of the grandfather of Haechat-Aspa  (Sheth K R Camaji).

Ha  53.4 Vahishtoisht Gatha translated by Ervad K E Kanga)

Pouru-chista replies  Indeed I will love him (i.e. my destined husband) and I will vie with him more (in my love with him) (i.e. I will try to show more love than my husband) he will show his love for me)

Pouru-chista advises her friends as under The daughter who will remain faithful to her father, to her husband, to her men, as well as her kinsman, and to righteous men, her wish of good thought will be fulfilled and the creator Ahura Mazda for her good conscience will grant her Garothman heaven for all eternity.

Ha 53.5 Vahishtoisht Gatha translated by Ervad K E Kanga)                   back  


Marriage :- Zarathushtra's  Sermon on marriage                   back    

Prophet Zarathushtra says : To maidens marrying and to you (bridegroom uniting in marriage) I who am the giver of command (or encouragement) to get married speak the word of admonition as under Do you bear in mind these utterances of mine

Prophet Zarathushtra gives has admonition 

being educated through the religious minded persons strive to secure the life of good thought and with righteousness (or with a sincere heart) keep on loving each other amongst you thereby indeed domestic life of each one may be happy.  

Explanation : Prophet Zarathushtra gives admonition to married couples thus : through virtuous and pious dastur well versed in religion try to get sufficient knowledge of religion. Have a clear conscience and behave well  in the world The wife must love the husband with sincere love and the husband must love the wife with devotion and sincerity and affectionate love so that they may carry on their domestic affairs with peace and happiness. 

(ref.  Vahishtoisht Gatha Ref. Ha 53.3 Ha 53.4 Ha 53.5 translated by Ervad K E Kanga)

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MARRIAGE of his daughter 

 ?..... May each of you win the other through righteousness."  

  ref : Gatha Vahishta Ishti 



Zarathushtra  immortalized his marriage sermon 

addressed to all uniting couples:

 “The reward of the Magnanimity Fellowship; shall be yours 

as long as you remain united in weal and woe with all your in wedlock. ... 

May each of you win the other through righteousness.?/font>

  ref :     Gatha Vahishta Ishti  

Pouruchista, the youngest daughter of Zarathushtra was given the freedom to choose her partner.    Tradition says, it was Jamaspa. (the sage, who later succeeded Zarathushtra as the Teacher.)