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 The Religion of Ahura Mazda*****
Revealed By Zarathushtra (Zoroaster)
Righteousness is the best  good. It is happiness.
Righteousness is laid down for this, my religion

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Best  Thought

Best Word

Best Deed








Zoroaster / Zarathushtra


In order to benefit the people of the world),

Righteousness is laid down for this, my religion

O Ahura Mazda.  ......

I choose the chieftainship of good thoughts.    



Owing to Best thought, word, and deed, 

inspired through righteousness 

Ahura- Mazda doth give unto us 

happiness, immortality (heaven),  

prosperity, and perfect-mindedness 

through Spenta-Mainyu (Beneficent-spirit.)  (Spentomad-Gatha-Ha-47.1)

Among living beings8, who7(is) better12 in acts of worship,10   of hublot replica such Ahura Mazda13 (Himself) is aware14.  On account of16 their holiness15 - all such,17 both men18 and women,19 do we revere.20  (Baz-Yenghe-Hatam)


Just as is the will3 of the lord God2, so too is that of the spiritual leader5, owing to his righteousness6 ..Work12 in  this world;13  in accord with the will of Ahura Mazda14 .   He who relieves the poor makes Ahura king.    (Ahunavar)

Righteousness1 is4 the best3 good2 (and it) is6 happiness.5
Ashem Vohu

Happiness is his who is righteous for the sake of being righteous.
   ( Ashem Vohu)

usht?sup>5 ahmâi6 May prosperity5 (or happiness) (be) unto that (person) 
ýahmâi7 usht?sup>8 kahmâichît9 through whom7 happiness8 (may reach) others9.

Happiness is to him who makes others happy.

 Ref :  Ushtavaiti Gatha Ha 43


We worship all righteous souls.

May complete12 righteousness4 reach13 all the doers of rolex replica good deeds6 and all the faithful7 (residing) on the seven regions of the earth8


 thwâvăs58 Mazd?sup>59 O Ahura Mazda!59 (any person can be) Thy nearest devotee58
Vanghęush60 khrathw?sup>61 Manangh?sup>62.  through the wisdom61 of the good60 mind62 (Spentomad Gatha  Ha 48 stanza 3)

The religion of Ahura Mazda revealed by Zarathushtra

(ref :  Jasa-Me-Avanghe-Mazda)

y?/b>35 ăhuirish36  


which35 is the religion of Ahura36


Dădăre1 gehăn2 

see  below

dine3  Măzdayasni4  The Mazdayasnian4 religion3 
dăde5  Zarthushti6  (and) the law5 (proclaimed) by the Prophet Zarathushtra 
  (has been received from Ahura Mazda), the Creator1 of the world2
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The Religion of Ahura Mazda Revealed By Zarathushtra (Zoroaster)