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Ushtavada Gatha 44

Based on Kavasji  Eduljee Kanga's Gujarati  translation of the Khordeh Avesta

Metrical version in English
by Sorabjee Pestonjee Kanga
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 Word by word translation to English
By Ervad Maneck Furdoonji Kanga



That1 which I ask3 thee2  Do thou  tell6 me5 truly4  O Ahura Mazda!

O God, teach16 me17 how I should pray11 to thee

when10 ( there is the necessity) of prayer8 of one like Thee,

Send25,26 me25 thy angel Sarosh** to tune my mind
How I can mould my life enlighten
16 me
How I can follow truth
27,28 and heaven44 find
I want thy
2 help23 divine and guidance16 kind

(Teach me) so that24 ( with the charm of Thy  Prayer)  (Thy messenger Sraosha** Yazata) may come28 near26 us25 ( to give intuition of Thy help) through good27 thought29
O Ahura Mazda!13  it would be better 

I  fully trust in Thee46, be thou my friend14,55
To do thy sovereign will, myself, I bind

if a friend21 like Thee15 may teach16 a friend14 like me17  about that prayer11  for giving22 help23 (every time), 

I'll always serve thee, faithful to the end
From hidden snares and pitfalls
52,50, me defend51

reference from stanza 2
..........and keeping far away52 evil50 from all of us51 and friend55 in both the worlds54.O heavenly53 Ahura Mazda56
That30 which I ask32 thee31 Do thou  tell35 me34 truly33  O Ahura Mazda!36 How37 ( or what)37  is the origin40 of the best38 life39 ?  In what way41 should he accrue benefit42 who43 may acknowledge45 both these (worlds)44
  O heavenly53 Ahura Mazda56 thou thyself46 Indeed47 bountiful49 through righteousness48 and keeping far away52 evil50 from all of us51 and friend55 in both the worlds54.
That57 which I ask59 thee58 Do thou  tell62 me61 truly60 O Ahura Mazda!63

Who64 first68 created truth67, who92 made93 the earth94
Who69 fixed72 the courses73 of the sun70 and stars71

refer stanza 2 .....How37 ( or what)37  is the origin40 of the best38 life39 ?
who64 ( was)  the Creator65 (and) father66 of righteousness67 in the beginning68?  
Who69  determined72  the path73 of the Sun70 and of the stars71?  

From whom these mighty orbs derive their birth?
Who makes them roll without disturbing jars
Who all disorder and confusion bars

Who makes the moon76 each month to wax78 and wane77?
All's due to thee79, Thy works no rival mars
All nature99,100 springs from thy contriving brain
New things are borne in an unending chain.

Who is there other than Thee79 through whom75 the Moon76 waxes77 (and) wanes78?  
Reply :  ---  No one O Ahura Mazda81 these80 as well as other83 ( things) do I wish82 to know84

That85 which I ask87 thee86 Do thou  tell90 me89 truly88 O Ahura Mazda!91 

Who@ holds the whirling world from tumbling97 down96

Who keeps the vaulted sky96 in the right plane?

Who92 ( is) the supporter93  of the earth94 
and (who@ stops) the sky96 from falling97 down95

Who made the silver streams, the mountains brown?

Who1 gives the wind2 and clouds3 their rapid pace5?

Who98 (created) waters99  and plants?100 Who1 bestowed4 swiftness5 in the wind2 and clouds?3
who6  O Ahura mazda8 is the creator9  of the good7 mind10?

Who darkness22 brings , who lights20 up boundless space?

Who23 causes sleep25, who wakefulness27 excites?

That11 which I ask13 thee12  do thou  tell16 me15 truly14  O Ahura Mazda!17 
What18 architect19 fashioned21 light20 and darkness?22   What23 architect24 fashioned26 sleep25 and  wakefulness27

Who clothes fair nature with its beauteous grace?

Who28 ushers26 in the mornings30 noon's31 and nights32

When33 thy devoted36 priest35 his hymns recites.

Who28 created26  morning30  noon31 and night32
Which33 (i.e. three parts of the day) (are) the best reminders34 (a s it were) to the religious priest35 about (his) duty (or mission)36?

'Tis thou alone, Who art the cause of all,
The universe
62 is Thy design63 and make
And everything obeys Thy beck and call
Thy rule
55 is based57 on truth56,58, which none can shake
The path of falsehood may we never take
The world is meant for righteousness
50 alone,
The wicked souls must dread and quake
It is their dismal lot to sigh and moan;
They ne'er can hope to see thy
54 brilliant throne55 

That37 which I ask39 thee38 Do thou  tell42 me41 truly40 O Ahura Mazda!43 whether46 that47 which44 I say45 ( below) ( is) true49? Does Armaiti53 (i e perfect mindedness) increase52 righteousness50 through ( her) deeds51?  (What is it that) thou hast established57 Thy54 kingdom55 of good56 thought58 ( or through the good mind)?   For whom59 didst Thou fashion63 this joy- bringing61 revolving60 world62?
That64  which I ask66 thee65 Do thou  tell69 me68 truly67 O Ahura Mazda!70 

Whose71 production73 is illustrious72 Armaity76,
Consummate wisdom, purity of thought
Refulgent spirit of chaste piety
Whose welcome steps
51 improve52 the human lot 
Whose sage advice and aid are always sought

Who71  fashioned73 the agreeable72 Armaiti76 together with75 ( her) exalted status74?   
refer stanza 6 above: -Does Armaiti53 (i e perfect mindedness+) increase52 righteousness50 through ( her) deeds51

Who77 in the father82, love78 for son81 implants79
By whom is such affection bred and taught
These are , O unseen
90 Lord88, Thy gifts89 and grants92
For which we humbly sing our grateful chants 

Who77  through his farsightedness80 (or wisdom80), made79 son81 beloved78 to the father82
(Matters)84 I wish87 to know86 from Thee85 O bountiful89 Invisible90 Ahura Mazda88 the Creator92 of the entire (world)!.91
That93 which I ask95 thee94 Do thou  tell98 me97 truly96 O Ahura Mazda!99 

Five100 times my prayers7 to Thee I daily say
With singleness of mind and heart sincere
For truth and righteousness
11 to Thee I pray
So that to virtue may I strict adhere
And prosper
13 in my life with conscience clear

about those93 five100 commandments4 of Thine  (i.e. thy five times) Prayer7  which5 is s ought8 through good6 thought9  and which10 in this world12 ( is essential for acquiring14 happiness13  through righteousness11.  

This is the only course Thou hast ordained
6 thought9, Good word, Good Deed, to Thee are dear,
By these supreme beatitude is gained
By these at last is heaven
20 obtained 

With what15 goodness ( or meritorious deed)18 shall my16 soul17 be pleased19 whereby21 ( it) may gain its wish20?

That22 which I ask24 thee23 Do thou  tell27 me26 truly25 O Ahura Mazda!28 


In what manner29 shall I keep pure34 ( this) Holy32 religion33 ( and its) commandments43, which35 the wise36 Lord37  like Thee  of the sovereignty39 ( of the whole world)  taught38 me20
  On account of (Thy) just40 sovereignty41 Thou dost dwell48 O Ahura Mazda in one abode only45 together with Asha46 ( i.e. righteousness) and Vohu-Mana47,48 ( i.e. good thought.)
That50 which I ask52 thee51, do thou  tell55 me54 truly53  O Ahura Mazda!56 

How can I29 teach mankind the tenets43 pure
Which Thou36.37 hast in thy mercy taught38 to me20

Refer  stanza 9 ---In what manner29 shall I keep pure34 ( this) Holy32 religion33 (and its) commandments43, which35 the wise36 Lord37  like Thee  of the sovereignty39 (of the whole world)  taught38 me20

They are the purest and the best61, I'm sure
For which I owe my warmest thanks to Thee
They'll make the world contented, happy66, free
Remove all seeds of discord and dispute
With such pure faith75,77 no one can disagree
Its noble doctrines60 none can well refute
Its truth68 confounds and makes all critics mute

about this57 Religion58 which59 ( is)  the best61 amongst all the existing (religions)60, and which62  can prosper66 my63 property64 following67 the righteousness65, ( and which) on account of the sacred verses69 of perfect thought68 (can) make72 ( our) deeds70 true76 ( or virtuous). 
  All the desires of my73 wisdom74 may long for77 Thee75 only ( or  may incline77 towards Thee alone75) O Ahura Mazda78 
 ( i.e. I so wish that I may have the longing for thee only).
That79 which I ask81 thee80  Do thou  tell84 me83 truly82  O Ahura Mazda!85 

Those who97 will listen$ to Thy91 sacred word93
Will be rewarded with rich wisdoms& store
They will be saved from savage rites absurd
And they will tread the path of vice no more75,77
All wiles of wicked men they will ignore
Such worthy souls will pass their lives in ease
They will in heaven find an open door
I'll73 try my best their number to increase, 
To work for thee O god I'll ne'er cease75.77

In what way86  will Armaiti89 ( i.e. perfect mentality&) exert influence88 over those87  to whom90,  O Ahura Mazda91  thy93 religion93 will be proclaimed93? By them97 ( i.e. the listeners$ of the doctrine of the religion)   I95  have been recognized99 by Thee96 as the best98. (the remaining) all100 others1 I look upon3 with hatred4 of ( my) inner self2 ( or of my spirit).
Refer stanza 10 ----All the desires of my73 wisdom74 may long for77 Thee75 only ( or  may incline77 towards Thee alone75) O Ahura Mazda78 (i.e. I so wish that I may have the longing for thee only).


Explanation : The prophet Zarathushtra says that those who listen to the matters of Thy Religion expounded by me( Zarathushtra) regard me (Zarathushtra) fully worthy of such esteem. This fact, O Ahura Mazda, is clearly known to Thee.
That5 which I ask7 thee6 Do thou  tell10 me9 truly8 O Ahura Mazda!11 

But tell10 me9 Ahura11, who12 are really true13,
And who are false
16 that I may know my way
Their fate, the false will no doubt have to rue
They will be doomed at last to ruin and dismay
And will to constant sorrow be a prey

Who12 (is) righteous13 and who12 (is) wicked16 (amongst the persons) with whom14 I confer15
On which side of the two18 is the evil one19? (

They follow Satan's34 lead, they plunder, fight
Throughout all peaceful realms. they havoc play
In pillage, rapine, bloodshed, they delight
God save this world from this destructive blight.

Which of the two) is the evil one23 (Angre Mainyu)23 himself21 


Who24 (is that33) wicked person26 (O Ahura Mazda) (who)  blames29 me25 (and) Thy good creations28? Why30 is that33 wicked person26 himself31 not32  regarded35 as belonging to Angre Mainyu34?
That36 which I ask38 thee37 Do thou  tell39 me40 truly41 O Ahura Mazda!42


How43  shall we drive away47 from us46 untruth44 ( or deceit)  (and) those48 who50 are not paying attention totally to the commandments of the religion51,52  who50 are not willing55,53 ( to be) the followers56 of righteousness54  ( and)48 who50 do not57 become glad60 (who are not happy) in the furtherance58 of morality59,61?

That62 which I ask64 thee63 Do thou  tell67 me66 truly65 O Ahura Mazda!68

The evil23 minded Deeves, who me28 malign29
And who, with impious boldness, blaspheme Thee
Will surely get a punishment condign
From racking pains in hell, they'll ne'er be free
 Most rough and foul their future state will be

refer stanza 12 above
Who24 (is that33) wicked person26 (O Ahura Mazda) (who)  blames29 me25 (and) Thy good creations28? Why30 is that33 wicked person26 himself31 not32  regarded35 as belonging to Angre Mainyu34?

Thy word is true70, and it will always stand
The true
70 will e'er prevail74,76 by thy decree78
They will be held up by thy
77 mighty hand79
With lasting shame
80.81 the wicked
% Thou wilt brand.  

How69  shall I deliver72 untruth71 ( or deceit)71 into the hands73 of righteousness70?  For destroying74,76 it75 through the Holy Words78  of Thy77 Sacred Verses79  for causing82 heavy80 destruction81 (amongst wicked% persons), and O Ahura Mazda86


for not allowing# them (wicked persons) to propagate intrigues85 and frauds88 amongst them84 .
That89 which I ask91 thee90 Do thou  tell94 me93 truly92  O Ahura Mazda!95  
Thou rulest1 together with righteousness98 in this ( world)97 as the protector99 ( of all). O Ahura Mazda95 

When2 will the good and bad in battle4 meet3,6

What will the issue be15? Who'll win16, Who'll lose16?

When2 two armies4 will meet together3,6 with hatred5, then7 O Ahura Mazda11 to which ( army)15 of these two14 ( and) in what way13 wilt thou grant17 victory16 

The battles daily fought, the good70 defeat72,80,81

The evil and their wicked schemes85 confuse#

The righteous98 path's the only one to choose

(ref. to stanza 14 )......How69  shall I deliver72 untruth71 into the hands73 of righteousness70?   ....  for not allowing# them (wicked persons) to propagate intrigues85 and frauds88 amongst them84 .

In Mazda's10 holy Writ8, that path's defined12
To strictly follow7 that none can refuse
The good, who trust his word, protection99 find
The evil are to lasting woes80,81 consigned.

in accordance with the7 laws8 which9 thou10  hast laid down12

Explanation : Probably this verse alludes to a religious war



That18 which I ask20 thee19 Do thou  tell23 me22 truly21 O Ahura Mazda!24  

(taken from Kem-na-Mazda)
Who will with thy29 all powerful word31

The devil27 drive away28

On whom's thy heavenly grace conferred23

To be our guide and stay.
Who26 (shall be) the smiter28 of the foe27 by the help of Thy29 (Avestan) words31 which32 (by reciting at the time of calamity) are33 protecting?30
( = i.e. this thought viz. there is no other protector except) Thee.

Such master38 show39 us35 who can teach

What here, our duty is,

And how hereafter37 we may reach

The land of endless bliss

Do Thou reveal39 clearly34 unto me35 a wise 36 leader (soul-haling)38= for both the worlds37* (O Hormazd).
(* i.e. in order to get reward in this life and in the next.)
To him47 let glorious Sarosh43 repair44

With gift of noble42 mind43

Who48 has succeeded by his prayer

God's special grace49 to find
Let Sraosha43 (Yazata) approach44 with Good42 Mind45 (or through Vohu Manah) to any one47 whom48 Thou doest love49.# 

# i.e. one who points out the path of virtue, the expounder of religious tenets


O Ahura Mazda!56 That50 which I ask52 thee51 Do thou  tell55 me54 truly53  

O Mazda58 how can I Thy61 love59 obtain60
How can I near thy
64 August throne arrive63
Thy sacred verse
75 how can I best explain69
That men may follow thy command and thrive
And everlasting happiness
73 derive
Thy words the richest wealth
77 they can possess
To strictly act upon it they should strive
It drives away all danger and distress
From truth and virtue
78 they can ne'er digress

O Mazda!58  How57  shall I draw60 (towards me) attraction of  love59  from Thee61 

(and how57 shall I attain60) to Thy64 consummation63  

so that65 my66 voice68 may have the desired effect69.  I may obtain71 in ( my) chieftainship70 Haurvatat72 (i.e. happiness of this world) and Ameretat73 (i.e. immortality in the world beyond) through 

this74 manthra75 which76 is the best wealth77on account of79 its righteousness78.

Explanation :  Holy Zarathushtra says that O Ahura Mazda I may pass my life in accordance with the commitment written in Thy Language of the Manthra so that I may attain to the happiness of the world and the abode of Heaven - Paradise in the spiritual world after death.


  O Ahura Mazda!86 That80 which I ask81 thee82 Do thou  tell83 me84 truly85  


O Ahura Mazda98 How87  shall I be worthy of that89 prize90  --ten92  pregnant94 mares93  and a camel95 -- through righteousness88   (for treading the  path of 

When shall I get for truth88, the fixed reward90

Which I may 'mongst the pious good divide

 about which96  is known99 to me97 through  Haurvatat100 (Khordad)100 and Ameretat1 (Amerdad)1 so that (i.e. if I get that prize) I may dedicate both the prizes to thee** (i.e. in thy name or in thy memory I may give as a present  to the pious man.

What pains and penalties
27 dost Thou award

To those who spurn the virtuous
15,21  out of pride

And wade through wicked ways and truth deride?

 (refer to stanza 19 )

........To any one who13 does not16 give17 that prize14 to the deserving ( man)15 

 ..............what24 will be26 his punishment27  

Such are the Divs38, the Karaps49 and usiks50

Who follow Anghre mainyu as their guide

They have with them the Kavis
54 and the kiks54 

Who mischief
57  work with their uncanny freaks

(refer to stanza 20 below)

 .......the daevas38  
fight44 against this45 (deserving and truthful man

(.....wicked persons called by the names) the Karapans49 and the Usikhsh50.......Kavi54 has grown58 in the strength55

 (.......... the Daevas) do not57 keep this (earth)58 fresh and ever green59  

That6 which I ask8 thee7 Do thou  tell9 me10 truly11 O Ahura Mazda!12
To any one who13 does not16 give17 that prize14 to the deserving ( man)15 and any one who18 does not22 grant23 that19 ( prize) ( even)  into the truthful) man21 --- what24 will be26 his punishment27  
first29  (i.e. in this worldly life)28  

( Because) I am aware of30 that31 ( punishment)  which32  will take place34 certainly33 at last35 ( i.e. in the world beyond.)




O Ahura Mazda36 possessed of good dominion37! of what sort35 are the daevas38 considered39
I ask41 ( thee) about this40 ( because they) fight44 against this45 (deserving and truthful man) 
On account of (the power of the daevas)47 (wicked persons called) the Karapans49 and the Usikhsh50 have delivered over52 even this earth48 into evil51, and on account of whom53 Kavi54 has grown58 in the strength55
In order to increase62 the field61 through righteousness60 ( the Daevas) do not57 keep this (earth)58 fresh and ever green59  

  May happiness5 (be) unto that (person) through whom7 happiness8 (may reach) others9.
May Ahura11 Mazda,13  ruling-at will10, grant12 health14 and vigour15 ( to the above mentioned benevolent man). 
In order to hold fast20 to Truth19 (O Ahura Mazda!) I verily16 ask of18 Thee17 that21 (health and vigour). 
Owing to Armaiti24 ( O Ahura Mazda!) do thou grant23me22  wealth25 good blessings26 and the life28 of good27 mind29.
  {the stanza should be repeated twice)
ashem vohű ... (3).
 tat-thwâ-peresăm1 hâitîm2 ýazamaide3 We revere3 the ha2 chapter called Ta-thwa-Peresa3.
yenghe1 hătăm2 Among living beings2 who1
ăat3 yesne4 paiti5 vanghő,6 (is) better6 in acts of worship,4 
Mazdăo Ahurő7 of such Ahura Mazda7 (Himself)
vaethă8 is aware8 
ashăt9 hachă10 on account of10 their holiness9
yăonghămchă 11 tănschă12 tăoschă13   - all such,11 both men12 and women,13  
yazamaide.14 do we revere.14 
  # This entire para occurs at the end of Yasna Hă 18 and Yasna Hă 27.