Ushtavada Gatha 46


  Prophet Zarathushtra speaks
  Having been deserted7,10 by my relatives8 and followers9 .
km1 nemi2 zm3, To what1 land3 shall I2 turn?
kuthr4 nemi5 ayen6, Whither4 shall I go6?
pair7 k hvatush8 airyamanasch9 dadait10;

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nit11 Neither11
m12 khshnush13

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14 verezn15  the workers15 

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nad17 nor17
dakhvyush18 i19 sstr20 dregvat21   the sinful21 ( or cruel)21 tyrants20 of the country18
  nor any one else16
  please13 me12
kath22 thw23 Mazd24 khshnaoshi25  (having been in such a state) how22 shall I propitiate25 The e23,
Ahur26. O Ahura26 Mazda24
vad27 I knew27 
tat28  this28 ( fact)
29  so that29
ahm30  Mazd31 O Ahura Mazda, I am30
anash32; disappointed
m33 I33 have
kamnafshv34 small possessions34
 hyatch35 along with if  also35
kamnn36 ahm37, I am37 with a small following36.
 gerezi38 therefore O lord I with humility appeal38 
 ti39 to Thee39 thus:
 -t40 avan41 do thou have a look41 
Ahur42, O Ahura Mazda!42
rafedhrm43 chagvo44 hyat45  at this ( condition of mine)45 and I beg44 ( of thee) consolation43 
fry46 fryi47 daidt48; just as a friend46 can give48 to another friend47 
khs49 Do thou teach49 ( me)
vanghush50 ash51 shtm52 Manangh53.  through righteousness51 about the wealth52 of the good mind51.
kad54  When54
Mazd55  O Ahura Mazda!55 
  best wisdom51 of the Saoshyants65
i56  which56 ( is) 
ukhshn57 light- bringing57 
asnm58, of the days58 (resurrection65
verezdish63 sghish64 (with56) effective 63 spiritual utterance64
anghush59 darethri60 fr ashahy61 frret62, will come forth62 for the prosperity60 of the world of righteousness61.
saoshyatm65 khratav66;

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  On account of (possessing) the good69 mind71
kaiby67   unto whom67
thi68 voh69 jimat70 will he come up70 for help68. (i.e. unto whom will he give help)

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maiby72 thw73  I choose55 Thee73
sstri74 veren75  as my72 teacher74.
Ahur76. O Ahura Mazda76
at77 tg78 dregv79 g80  A sinful79 person91,
ashahy81 vazhdrg82 pt83,  prevents83 the supporters82 of righteousness81 
go84  and the cattle84

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shithrahy86 of the province86 
v87 as well as87 
dakhvyush88  v89 of the land88 
  from movements85.
duzhazb90 hs91 This  man of evil strength90
 k hvish92 shyaothanish93 ahmust94 destroys t he life94 through his92 wicked deeds93
astm95 khshathrt96 

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Mazd97 O Ahura Mazda!92, whoso95 
mithat98 overthrows98 
  such a ( wicked person95) from ( his) power96 
jytush99 v100, or100 from life99 
hv1 that man1 
tg2 fr3-go4

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  will7 open widely
 pathmg5  the paths5 
  to them2 (i.e.) to the cattle4
huchistish6 chart7. and of good wisdom6
  not explained by Ervad Kavasji Edalji Kanga
  "explained at end of book"
8 v9 khshays10 Whoso8 (may be) possessed of desirable power10
ads11 or possessed of immense spiritual wisdom11
drt12 ayatem13

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 urvtish14 v15 huztush16   together with good knowledge16 of inner laws of nature14 or15
 mithriby17 v18 rashn19 jvs20 21 the liver of life20 with righteous thoughts17 through Rashna19 the just19 or18 
ashav22   the holy22
dregvatem23 vchir24 the discriminator24 of what is right and wrong21
 hs25 tat26 fr27 he25 should promulgate27,29 that spiritual knowledge26
 khvatav28 mruyt29 for the sake of the law of "Khaetva28"
(i.e. the law of attracting within itself the particles of the soul itself)
uzithyi30 for granting continuous higher state30
 m31 to that31 wicked23
  person falling13 into destruction12
Mazd32 O Ahura34 Mazda32
  {he25 (i.e. man of wisdom,) should promulgate27,29 that spiritual knowledge26 to the wicked23}
 khrnyt33 Ahur34. (to save him) from the destruction of the soul33
  Darmesteter explains the significance of the stanza as under:
    "Powerful persons should never help wicked men ie should not allow grace or mercy of any kind to them. the righteous and virtuous should be regarded as their own relatives. Any one who helps the wicked man should be considered as wicked and any one who helps a righteous virtuous  man should be regarded as righteous".
at35 astm36 nit37 n38 The man38 who36 inspite of being 
  isemn39 powerful39 ( referred to in stanza three) 
yt40, does not37 go40 near him36 ( in order to punish a wicked person) 
drj41 hv42 dmn43 haithy44 gt45; is himself42 truly44 considered45 as the creation43 of the Druj41
hv46 z47 because47 he himself46
dregvo48 (is) wicked48
49  who49
dregvit50 vahisht51, (is) best51 for the wicked (man)50.
hv52 (Quite contrary to this)  he himself52
ashav53 is righteous53
ahmi54 to whom54
ashav55  the righteous55 ( man)
fry56 is beloved56.
hyat57   In this way57
dano58 the laws of the Religion58,
paouruyo59  first of all59
do60 Thou hast fixed60
Ahur61. O Ahura Mazda! 
Kem1-n 2  



What1 man2, O Mazd3,
= For Hormazd the expression Ahura Mazda is generally found in the Avesta, but in some places, especially in the Gths the words Ahura or Mazda only for Hormazd is noticed




(who other than12 Thee13 )

shall grant6 protection5 unto me 

and unto my followers4?

hyat7  m8



when7 , at me8

any wicked man9 glares10  for 

taking revenge11 (or for injuring me11)?

anyem12   Who can it be other  than12  
thwahmt13 thrasch14           mananghasch,15 thy13  Fire14 and thy Good-Mind15 ?
(i.e. household happiness and the peace of mind)



Through the action #17 of these two16

ashem18 thraosht19  


, O9 Hormazd20! righteousness18 increases19.
action #17 ---i.e. by the acts which lead to family happiness and to peace of mind
tm21 mi22 dstvm23 daenayi24 frvaoch25.  Do Thou declare25 that21 knowledge@ 23 of the religion24 to me22  (O Hormazd!). (that I may spread their faith)

@ i.e. on whom Thou art friendly 

or kind.

87 Whoso87 
v88 mi89 90 gath91 dazd92 anangh93, intends to harm92,93 my89 settlements91,
nit94 ahy95 m96 thrish97 his flame of wrath97 shall not94 harm99 me96 
shyaothanish98  through ( his wicked) deeds98
frsyt99; paityaoget100 (but) retribution100 ( of that person)
t1 ahmi2 jasit3   shall reach3 him2
dvashangh4, with hatred4 ( and retribution)
   will hinder10 
 tanvm5 6   his body5
 7 m8 hujytish9  from happiness9,

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nit11  not11
duzhjytish12 with anguish12
kcht13 even any13 ( or such retribution) 
Mazd14 O Ahura Mazda14
dvashangh15.  ( will come) with repentance15.
  Ervad Kavasji Edalji Kanga says " I do not understand the meaning of this verse"
  translation from the end of the book
k16 hv17 18-m19 aredr20 chithat21 pouruy22 Who16 is he17 who18 regarded21 me19 advanced22 and devoted21?
ath23 thw24 zevshtm25 uzemh26  Just as23 we regarded with loftiness26 Thee24
shyaothani27 in the matter of Spiritual Progress27
spetem28 Ahurem29 ashavanem30 as beloved25, bountiful28, Holy30 Ahura29 
 31-ti32 ash33 In the same way31 through Thy32 Asha33 and42 Vohu Manangha44
34 ashi35 gush36 tash37 mraot38  

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ishet39 m40 t41 I may be able40 to accomplish higher inspiration39 of those (laws)41
  which Geush36 - Tashan37 (the modeler of Gava) communicated38 to Asha35
ti42 Voh43 Manangh44

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  The translation is from Dr Hang.
     . "Who is that man , who whilst supporting me made me first acquainted me with thee as the most venerable being as the most beneficent righteous lord  The true sayings revealed by the maker of the earth come to me by means of thy good mind."
45 Whoso45

v46 mi47 

n48 gen49 v50

Mazd51 Ahur52 dyt53

O Ahura Mazda!51,52  

man48 or50 woman49,

may give53 me47 

anghush54 55- t56 vist57 vahisht58, the best58 (gift) of ( this) life54 which55 Thou, indeed56, hast known57 ( and)
ashm59  (who so45 may rule over53) righteousness59 
ashi60  for the sake of righteousness60 
Voh61 khshathrem62 Manangh63, (and may exercise53) (his) sovereignty62 through good61 mind63
sch64 hakhshi65 I will point out the path65 to them64
khshmvatm66 vahmi67 68, towards68 Thy66 worship67 ( or praise)
fr69 -tish70 (and) I will make them69 all70
vspish71 chinvat72 cross72 the Chinvat71
frafr73 peretm74. Bridge73.
  Prophet Zarathushtra says " I will bring to heaven by causing to cross the Chinvat Bridge doers of virtuous deeds, followers of the law of righteousness and those persons who do not rule over their dominion arbitrarily.  About this for further details see Yasht Ba Mani, second Fragard of Hadokht Nask

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jn75 Karapan76 Kvayasch77 The Karapans76 and the Kavis77 intend75 ,
akish78  by means of wicked78 
shyaothanish79 deeds79 
  and power74
ahm80 meregeidyi81 to destroy81 life80
 mashm82, of humanity82
 g83  Whom83  ( for doing thus)
k hv84 their own84
urv85  souls85 
khvach86 and their own86
khraodat87 dan88, conscience88 hardened87 ( or incited)87.
 hyat89 They89 (i.e. Karapans76 and Kavis77
aib-gemen90 go90
athr91 there91
Chinvat92 where the Chinvat92
peretush93, Bridge93 ( is),
avi94 vspi95 but95
drj96 demni96 astay97.  their dwelling98 ( is) for ever94 in the abode97 of the druj96 (i.e. in hell)
hyat99 But99
us100  with majesty100
ash1 owing to Asha1.  
naptyash2  the descendant2  
nafshuch3  and dynasty3 
Trahy4  of the Tauranian4 Fruyana6 
uzjn5 Frynahy6 some are at present born5
aojyash7, (who are) powerful7 , and

rmatish8 gatho

frd10 thwakhshangh11;

(who) by their dexterity11 prosper10

 the settlements9 of Armaiti8 ( piety)

  (The Creator) Ahura Mazda20,22
at12 sh13 Voh14 hm15 aib-mist16 Manangh17; gets merged15,16 through Good14 Mind17
aiby18 with them18 
  rafedhri19 Mazdo20 (and) for ( their) happiness19 ( the Creator) Ahura Mazda20,22
 sast21 Ahur22. points out the right path21 to them18,
23 Who so23 
  amongst men5 shall please28
spitmem24 zarathushtrem25 Spitama24 Zarathushtra25
rdangh26  with the gift of affection26 ( or with happiness)26
maretash27 khshnush28

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hv29 n30 that man himself29 
ferasridyi31 eredhw32 (is)  worthy32 of proclaiming31 ( the commandments of the religion).
at33 hi34  To that ( man)34 
 Mazdo35 Ahura Mazda35,38
ahm36 dadt37 Ahur38  will grant37 heaven36
ahmi39 gatho40

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Voh41 frdat42 Manangh43 (and) on account of good41 thought43 shall render prosperous42 
  his39 (family and) cattle40
tm44 v45 That (man)44
ash46 O Asha46 (Righteousness)!
mhmaid47  we regard47 (as) thy45 
hush-hakhim48. true friend48.
zarathushtr49 O Zarathushtra
kast50 who ( is) Thy50
ashav51  true51
urvath52 friend52?
Mazi53  for this great53 
magi;54 mission54 
k55 v56  or56 who55 
ferasridyi57 vasht58 wishes58 to proclaim ( or to make known amongst the populace) ( the commandments of the religion).
  Prophet Zarathushtra replies :
at59 hv60 Kav61 Vshtsp62 h63.  "Indeed59 brave63 Kay61-Vishtasp62 himself60." 
  I invoke70
Ygst64 Mazd65 them65 whom64 Thou64 O Ahura Mazda65,68
hademi66 minash67 Ahur68, tg69 hast regarded67 worthy ( of sitting) in the ( heavenly) assembly67.

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vanghush71 ukhdhish72 Manangh73.  through the sacred verses72 of ( my) good71 thought73
hachat-asp74  O scions of Haechat-Aspa74 
vakhshy75 v76 Spitamngh77 of the family of Spitama77 ( now) unto you76  I will declare75
  (the commandments of the religion) 
hyat78 because78
dthg79 vchayath80 adthsch81 you discriminate80 (or recognize) right79 and wrong81
tish82 sh83 shyaothanish84 Through these deed84 (of yours) you83 
ashem85 khshmaiby86 daduy87 have decided87 righteousness85 for yourselves86.
ish88 dtish89 paouruyish90 in accordance with88 the primeval90 law89 
Ahurahy91 of Ahura Mazda91 
ferashaoshtr92 O Frashoashtra92 of the family of Hvova!97
athr93-t94 aredrish95 id96 hvgv97 tish98   go96 thou94 thither93 together with98 these helpers95
g99  whom99 
usvah100  we both have chosen100 
 usht1-sti1; for the benefit of the world.
athr2 ash3 hachait4 rmaitish5  Where2 perfect mindedness5 follows4 righteousness3
athr6 Vanghush7 Manangh8 sht9 khshathrem10, Where6 the desirable9 sovereignty10 of the good7 thought8 (reigns)
athr11 Mazdo12 varedemm13 shait14 Ahur15. Where11 Ahura Mazda12,15 dwells14 in his own honored abode13
  O wise Jamasp22 of the family of Hvo-gva23 
athr16 v17 afshmn18 sghn19 I will praise19 you17 in poetic cadence18 too16,
nit20 anafshmm21  -  not20 in ordinary language21
djmsp22 hv-gv23;

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had24 vst25  with the known25 
vahmg26 seraosh27  obedience27 ever24 ( dedicates) venerable26 
rdangh28 offerings28 ( unto Ahura Mazda)

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vchinaot30 dthemch31   and can discriminate between31 right and wrong32 ( i.e. true and false)
 adthemch32 dagr33 mat34 ash35 Mazdo36 Ahur37.  ( upon that person) Ahura Mazda36 will maintain34 affection " by means of his Omniscient righteousness".
37  Whoso37
maiby38 aosh39   ( is the source of) delight39 to me38,
ahmi40 ascht41 vahisht42, best42 ( gift) will be accrued41 to him40
 makhvyo43 ishtish44 

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voh45 chishem46 manangh47; and with good45 thought47 I may give46 ( him)
  (a share) of my43 possession44.
stg48  But calamity48 
ahmi49  (will befall) him49 
50  who50
no51sti52 daidt53  will inflict53 pain52 upon us51.
Mazd54  O Ahura Mazda!54
ash55 through righteousness55
khshmkem56 vrem57 khshnaoshemn,58 I wish to satisfy58 Thy wish57,
tat59  This ( is)39
mi60 khratush61 the only decision63 of my60 
vchithem63. mind62 and 
 mananghasch62  wisdom61 
64-mi65 Who so54
asht66 haithm67

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hach68 vareshait69 shall manifestly67 (or truly) accomplish69 
Zarathushtri70, for me65 Zarathushtra70,
  through righteousness66,68
hyat71 vasn72  ferashtemem73, (and) sincere71 wish72,
ahmi74 to that ( man74),
mzhdem75 hanet76 they will consider deserving76 of the reward75
parhm77,  in the world to come77 
  and on82 ( this) revolving83 earth82
man78-vistish79 mat80 vspish81  together with80 wealth79 comprising entire81 honours78 
gv82 az83;

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tcht84 This84 ( fact),
mi85 ss86 tvm87 Thou87 didst teach86 me85.
Mazd88 vadisht89! O Omniscient89 Ahura Mazda!88
  Explanation : Prophet Zarathushtra tells his disciples thus : "whoso will help me with his sincere heart in my Prophetic mission enthusiastically, his honour and fame will be enhanced after death and deserving reward will be granted to him in the world beyond."
usht5 ahmi6 May prosperity5 ( or happiness) ( be) unto that ( person) 
ahmi7 usht8 kahmicht9 through whom7 happiness8 ( may reach) others9.
vas-khshays10 Mazdo11 dyt12 Ahur13 May Ahura11 Mazda,13 ruling- at- will10, grant12
utayit14 tevshm15  health14 and vigour15 ( to the above mentioned benevolent man).
gat16 ti17 vasem18 ashem19 deredyi20 In order to hold fast20 to Truth19 (O Ahura Mazda!) I verily16 ask of18 Thee17
tat21 mi22 do23 rmait24  that21 ( health and vigour). Owing to Armaiti24 ( O Ahura Mazda!) do thou grant23 me22 
 ry25   wealth25 
ashsh26 good blessings26
vanghush27gam28 manangh29 and the life28 of good27 mind29.
{the stanza should be repeated twice)
ashem voh ... (3).
kamnamazm1  hitm2 azamaide3. We revere3 the ha2 called Kamnemoizam1
ushtavaitm4 gthm5 ashaonm6 ashahe7 ratm8 azamaide9, We revere9 the Holy6 Ushtavad4 Gatha5 who (are) the Lords8 of Holiness7 
ushtavaityo10 gthayo11 hadt12 azamaide13. We revere13 the prayer-Hymn12 of Ushtavad10 Gatha11
yenghe1 htm2 Among living beings2 who1
at3 yesne4 paiti5 vangh,6 (is) better6 in acts of worship,4 
Mazdo Ahur7 of such Ahura Mazda7 (Himself)
vaeth8 is aware8 
asht9 hach10 on account of10 their holiness9
yonghmch 11 tnsch12 tosch13   - all such,11 both men12 and women,13  
yazamaide.14 do we revere.14 
# This entire para occurs at the end of Yasna H 18 and Yasna H 27. 
(To be recited in Baz) Ahurmazda Khodae, awazune mardum, mardum sardagan hama sardagan hambayaste vehan, oem behedin Mazdayasnan neki rasanad; aedun bad     (to be recited loudly)
Yasnemcha1 vahmemcha2 aojascha3 zaverecha4 afrinami5, I praise5 the worship1 glory2 strength3 an vigour4 (of all those)
Ahurahe6 Mazdao6 raevato7 khvarenanguhato8, of Ahura Mazda6 (the creator)  wealth bestowing7 (and) glorious8
Ameshanam9 Spentanam9,   of the amesha9 spentas9 ( bountiful Immortals)
Gathabyo10 spentabyo11 ratu-khshathrabyo12 ashaonibyo13, amongst  the bountiful11 gatha10 ( which are) the lords of truth12 ( and) holy13 
Ahunavaityao14 Gathayao15, of ahunavad14 gatha15
Ushtavaityao16 Gathayao17, of ushtavad16 gatha17 
Spenta18 Mainyeush18 Gathayao19, of spentomad18 gatha19
 Vohu-kshathrayao20 Gathayao21, of vohu-kshthtra20 gatha21  
Vahishtoishtoish22 Gathayao23, of vahishtosht22 gatha23
ashaunam24 Fravashinam25 ughranam26 and of the powerful26 and triumphant27 fravashis25
aiwithuranam27. of the righteous men27
Paoiryo-tkaeshanam28 Fravashinam29 of the fravashis29 of poryotkaeshas28 
naha30 nazdishtanam30 Fravashinam31 and of the fravashis31 of nabanazdishta30 (i.e. of the next of kith and kin)
ashem voh
Ahmai Raescha
jasa me 
Kerfeh Mozd