Who43 unto the righteous (person)44 (is) the best45 (whether (that righteous person may be) his relative46, or business man49 or48 sub-ordinate50 (or servant) or (may be) a care taker53 of his cattle56 with skill55;  that person himself57  (is so regarded) by Ahura52 as if he were59 in the act61 of truth58 and of good60 thought62.

 I by the force of prayers drive away from me69,70 (my bad behaviors, such as) (my) haughtiness72 with my relatives71, my deceit75 with co-workers (associates)73 and my hatred77 towards the subordinates (i.e. persons working under my control76)  and as regards the pastures79 of the cattle78; my immense carelessness80,81  


Ahunavada Gatha 33

  So that8 according to my wish10. I may fulfill11 the planned12 work13    I ask16 of Thee15  two things14       ( 1)Vision (of thee)18    ( 2) Conversation with thee about the Religion19
  Prophet Zarathushtra56 dedicated55,60  the life of  his own58 body59 and the goodness61 (or excellence)61 of good63 thought62.. unto Ahura Mazda64 


1.    ath1 aish2 ith3 vareshait4 

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5 dt6 anghush7 paouruyehy8, In accordance with the laws6 of the ancient8 world7  
  just as1 to the righteous14  so also3 to the wicked (person)12
ratsh9 Ratu9  i.e. (spiritual leader owing  to his  righteousness) 
 shyaothan10 razisht11 will exercisethe most just11 action10 
dregva-tach12 hyatch13 ashun14;

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ekhvych15 hm-ysait16 mithahy17 ch18 hi19  rezv20. and to the man19 whose15 wicked17 as well as good20 deeds are mixed in equal proportion16,
At21 22 Who22  
 akem23 dregvit24

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 vachangh25 v26 through his word25  
at27 v28 manangh29 thought29  
zastiby30 and action30 (or through both the hands)30
v31 vareshait32  causes evil33  
  to the wicked person24 
vanghu33 v34 chithait35 astm36; or instructs35 any man36 for his good33
ti37 he37 
vri38 rdet39 (as it were) gives presents39 for his religious faith38
Ahurahy40 zaosh41 Mazdo42.  in love41 of Ahura40 Mazda42
Y43 ashun44 who43 unto the righteous (person)44
vahisht45, (is) the best45 (i.e. behaves very well with a virtuous person)
k hvat46 v47 whether (that righteous person may be) his relative46
at v48, verezny49 or business man49
Airyamn50 v51 or48 sub-ordinate50 (or servant)

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vds53 v54 or (may be) a care taker53
thwakhshangh55 gavi56 of his cattle56 with skill55
 at hv57 that person himself57 
  (is so regarded) by Ahura52
ashahy58 anghat59 as if he were59 in the act61 of truth58
Vanghushc60 vstr61 Manangh62. and of good60 thought62.
63 thwat64 Mazd65 asrushtm66 I drive away disobedience66 O Ahura Mazda!65
 akemch67 man68  and evil67 thought68 
azi69 ap70; By means of prayers69,70 to thee64. I by the force of prayers drive away from me69,70 (my bad behaviors of all kinds such as) (my)
khvatushch71 tarmaitm72, haughtiness72 with my relatives71,
vereznahkych73 nazdishtm74 drujem75 (my) deceit75 with co-workers (i.e. my associates)73
airyamanasch76 nadet77, and (my) hatred77 towards the subordinates (i.e. persons working under my control76
gushch78 vstrt79 as regards the pastures79 of the cattle78;
achishtem80 matm81. (my) immense carelessness80,81  
Yast82 vsp-mazishtem83 the most excellent amongst (all Yazatas)83.
Serao-shem84 Thy Sarosh Yazata84,
 zbay85 avanghn86  O Ahura Mazda, I invoke you with entreaty85 for (my) help86  
apn87 dareg-jyitm88 Do thou obtain87 for me long life38  
-khshathrem89 Vanghush90 Manangh91; In the domain89 of good90 thought91 (i.e. do thou bless us that we may live long life with good thoughts; evil thought of any kind may not enter our minds).
asht92 93 erezsh94 path95 ash96  Do thou cause us to reach87 the paths95 of virtue on account of (our) righteousneesss92
Mazdo97 Ahur98 shat99. wherein96 Ahura Mazda97,98 dwells99.
100 zaot1 ash2 erezsh3 As the true3 invoker1 through righteousness2  
hv4 I myself4
manyush5 vahishtt6 with the most pious6 intent5, (O Ahura Mazda) 
kay7, always  remember7 (Thee)
ahmt8  so that8
av9 manangh10 according to (my) wish10.
verezyeidyi11 mat12 vstry13; I may fulfill11 the planned12 work13  
t14-ti15 izyi16   I ask16 of Thee15  two things14 
Ahur17 Mazd17 O Ahura Mazda!
darshtishch18 1)Vision (of thee)18
hm-parshtishch19. 2) conversation with thee about the Religion19
-mm20 idm21 Come21 unto me20  
vahisht22 - khvaithych23  and  whatever is best22  (in my favour)
Mazd24 dareshatch25 teach25 me O Ahura Mazda24
ash26 On account of truth36
Voh27 Manangh28 and good thought27
sruy29 (teach me) who am known29
par30  near30 men 
magun31; steadfast upon the Religion31  
  Explanation : We wish that our prayer humble and full of earnest request be accepted by Thee.
vish32-no33 atare34 ht35 nemakhvaitsh36 chithro37 rtay38.  (We wish this) that offerings38 pertaining to our33 prayer36 may become35 manifest32 and known37 (in thy presence).
  Explanation: Except the offerings of prayer, O Ahura Mazda, we have no other gifts to offer to Thee.
fr-mi39 fravizdm40 Do thou make me39 known40
areth41  (what is that) main purpose41 (of our faith on the religion) 
t42 43 so that43
Voh44 shyavi45 Manangh46  I would pursue45 with good44 intentions46,
asnem47 Mazdo48 O Ahura Mazda48! the worship47
khshmvat49  of one like you49
at v50 ash51 staomy52 vacho53; as well as50 words53 of Thy fame52 with sincerity51.
dt54 Do thou grant54 (me)
v55 ameretosc56 utayit57 the everlasting gift57 of Amerdad (i.e. the immortality of the spiritual world)56  
haurvats58 and of Khordad  (i.e. the happiness of this world)55
draon59. as a gift59 (of Thy love).
at60 ti61 Mazd62 O mazda62 then60 
  Thou shouldst catch hold of71
tm63 mainym64 Thy61 these63 spirits64
ashaokhshayat65 the eternal promoters of righteousness65
saredyayo66  and possessors of leadership66
k hvthr67math68 may69 through glory67and sense relating to wisdom69 and moderation69 
vahisht70 baret71 manangh72 and through the vibration of the best70 holy spell72
 ay73 ari74 hkurenem75 Owing to the co-operation75 of these two72
  the souls78
 ayo76 hachit77 urvn78. are proceeding further to perfection74
  (Ervad Kanga has not translated it)
  translation found at end of book


Ahura Mazda and Vohu Manah increase goodness and strength  They bestow happiness upon men according to their  actions  In association with Vohuman, Ahura Mazda grants that happiness.  The soul of such persons being in harmony carry on work with entire goodness.

(Translation of Prof Darmesteter)

  word by word translation of some words
  Mazd62 Ahura Mazda62
  tm63 mainym64  = that63 spirit64
  ashaokhshayat65 = causing righteousness to increase65
  saredyayo66 = holding authority66
  vahisht70 = best70   ; manangh72 =  thought72
  ari74 =  perfection74
  hkurenem75 = working together (co-operation)75
  urvn78= soul78
  Do thou90 grant (me)93,
vsp79-sti80 hujtay81  verily83 in Thy love (from me) all79 the happy states81 of life80
o82-z83 nghar84 which82 had been enjoyed in the past  (by men)84
osch85het86 and which85 and which are enjoyed at present86
 sch87 Mazd88 bavait89. and which87 will be enjoyed hereafter89.O Ahura Mazda88
thwahm90 hsh91 zaosh92 bakhshhv93 

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Voh94 ukhshy95 Manangh96 Also  (O Ahura Mazda!) through good94 thought96, do Thou strengthen95
Khshathr97 Ashch98 usht99 tanm100. (my) body100 through truth98,  power97 (or authority)97 and prosperity99.

(to recite in baz) Shekasteh1 ghanmenyo2, bar ahriman3 lenat sad hazr br (to recite loudly)

(May) the Ghana-Mino2 (i.e. the Evil spirit)2 be defeated1. Imprecations4 (be) on Ahriman a hundred thousand times (i.e. one lakh)!
1 sevisht2 Ahur3 Mazdosch4 O (Thou) who (art) the most beneficent2 Ahura Mazda3-4  
rmaitishch5 and O (thou who art) Armaiti5  
Ashemch6 and O (thou who art) Asha6,
frdat-gathem7  bringing prosperity to the world7.
Manasch8 Voh9 khshathremch10, O (thou) Vohu9 Manah8 and Khshathra10
sraot11-mi12 hearken11 (ye all) my12 (request and prayer) 
merezhdt13-mi14 and have mercy13 upon me14
di15 kahyicht16 pait17. for (my) every16 deed15.
us-mi18 uzreshv19 Ahur20 Do thou make me18 pure19 O Ahura20 Mazda26 (i.e. do Thou keep me far away form wicked deeds) 
rmait21 tevshm22 dasv23  do grant23 me18 strength22  on account of (my) goodness (or humility)21,
spnisht24 mainy25 the most beneficent24 spirit25
Mazd26 O Ahura20 Mazda26  
vanghuy27 zav28- d29 and the giver of reward29 of prayers28 in good things27
Ash30 haz31 mavat32 do Thou bestow23 (upon me) vigour full of powers32 on account of (my) righteousness30
Voh33 Manangh34 feseratm35. and grant Thou23 unto me18 lordship35 on account of (my) good33 thought34
rafedhri36 For (my) rejoicing36
vouru-chashn37 (and) for acquiring sufficiently knowledge of the Religion37.
dish38-mi39 Grant Thou38 unto me39  
40-v41 abifr42 as a certainty42  
t43 Khshathrahy44 Ahur45 46  O Ahura Mazda! those43 blessed gifts48 which46 are of Khshathra-Vairya44
Vanghush47 ashish48 Manangh49 and of Vohu-Manah47,49  
fr spet50 rmait51 O Spenta Armaiti50,51
ash52 dano53 fradakhshay54. do thou teach54 (me) through truth52 the commandments of the Religion53.
at rtm55 Zarathushtr56  (Prophet) Zarathushtra56 dedicated55,60
tanvas-cht57 khvakhyo58 ushtanem59  the life of  his own58 body59

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 paurvattem61 mananghasch62 Vanghush63 and the goodness61 (or excellence)61 of good63 thought62..
Mazdi64 shyaothanahy65 unto Ahura Mazda64
ashi66  ch67 Also, he dedicates55,60 unto truth66
 ukhdha-khych68 Seraoshem69 khshathremch70! (his own) authority of work70 and obedience69 for the sacred verses of the Religion68.
ahy17 s18  I pray18 at this17 (moment)
nemangh19 In   humble  adoration19 
ustnazast20  with hands uplifted20

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manyush22 mazd23

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pourvm24 first of all24.

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ash26 vspg27 shyaothan28 vanghush29 all27 righteous26 deeds28
  of the invisible22 (and) bountiful25 Ahura Mazda23
khratm30 manangh31  (and) the wisdom30 of the good mind31
32 khshnevsh33  . so that32 I may please33
gushc34 urvnem35 the soul35 of the universe34.
{the stanza should be repeated twice)
ath ah vairy ... (4).
ashem voh ... (3).
ath-aish-ithm1 hitm2 azamaide3. We Revere3 the chapter2 called yatha-aish-itha1
yenghe1 htm2 Among living beings2 who1
at3 yesne4 paiti5 vangh,6 (is) better6 in acts of worship,4 
Mazdo Ahur7 of such Ahura Mazda7 (Himself)
vaeth8 is aware8 
asht9 hach10 on account of10 their holiness9
yonghmch 11 tnsch12 tosch13   - all such,11 both men12 and women,13  
yazamaide.14 do we revere.14 
# This entire para occurs at the end of Yasna H 18 and Yasna H 27.