Chapter of Ahunavada Gatha 


* Khshnaothra1  (May there be) propitiation1  
Ahurahe Mazdăo2 of (the Creator) Ahura Mazda2
Ashem Vohu (1)
Pa năme1 yazdăn2 (I begin to recite this) with (the help of) the name1 of the Lord2
Hormazd3 Khodăe4   (the Creator) Hormazd,3 and the Lord4 (of the whole world)
awazuni,5   and munificent.5  
gorje6 khoreh7 awazăyăd,8   May the splendour6 and glory7 (of the Creator Hormazd) increase!8
Geh  Gathabyo15 May 
 Ahunavad14 Geh ahunavad14 gatha15
Ushtavad16 Geh17, ushtavad16 gatha17 
Spentomad18  Geh19, spentomad18 gatha19
 Vohu-kshathra20 Geh21, vohu-kshthtra20 gatha21  and
Vahishtoisht22 Geh23, vahishtosht22 gatha23
Geh24 Gathabyo25  from amongst Gatha Gahanbar25 ( i.e. out of five Gatha Gahambar25 days)
Ardafravash26  and Holy Fravashis26
berasad27 come27 (to attend this prayer)

 az hamă gunăh35  

patet pashemănum,36 az37 harvastin38  

 I am in renunciation36 of, and desist from, all sins35:  
dushmata39 duzukhta40 duzvarshta,41   wicked thoughts39 wicked words40 wicked deeds41

mem42 pa geti43  

manid,44 oim goft45  

oim kard,46  

which in (this) world43   I42  

have thought,44  which I have spoken,45  

which I have committed,46

oim jast,47  

oim bun bud ested,48  

(and) which have occurred through me47 and which have originated by me48 -

azăn gunăh49  




all these sins49  (mentioned above) 

relating to though50t,  

relating to word,51 and

relating to deed,52



pertaining to (my own) body,53  

pertaining to (my own) soul,54



pertaining to this world,55

pertaining to the world beyond (spiritual world)56

from all these sins,35 O Hormazd!34

okhe57 awăkhsh= pashemăn58, I am in renunciation and keep myself away,58@
= There is a custom  to utter "awăkhsh ashemăn" whilst showing contempt of certain matter
pa se gavashni59  (and) with the three words59(Manashni, Gavashni, Kunashni)
pa patet hom.60  I repent.60

* This prayer from its beginning to the words above "Pa se gavashni pa patet hom"is in Pazand language;

 The remaining final portion is in Avesta. 

Khshnaothra61 ahurahe mazdăo;62 (May there be) propitiation61 of Ahura Mazda!62
tarőidite63 anghrahe mainyeush.64 Haithyă varshtăm65  ( May there be) contempt of Angra-Mainyu64 the Evil Spirit !
hyat66 vasnă67   Whatever is the wish67 of 
ferashőtemem;68   the doers of righteous deeds, is superior68 (to all other wishes). 
staomi69 Ashem.70 I praise69 righteousness. 
Ashem Vohu (3)


Fravarăne43 Mazdayasnő44   I profess43 myself to be a worshipper of Hormazd,44
Zarathushtrish45 follower in accordance with the religion revealed by (the prophet) Zarathushtra,45  
vidaevő46   abstainer from (the path of) dăevas46@
**Ahura-tkaeshő47 and act according to the Law of Ahura Mazda47
 (găh according to the period of the day) (Găh according to the period of the day)
frasastayaecha58  (For the worship) and glorification,58
**Fravarăne Mazdayasno Zarathushtrish Vidaevo Ahuratkaesho ** is the shortest Zoroastrian Creed. This is a sort of a Creed as regards the kind of religion the reciter observes.
  In order to please32 
Ahurahe Mazdao6  the Creator Ahura Mazda  
raevato7  the wealth keeping7
Khvarenanguhato8 and glorious8 (creator) Ahura Mazda 
Ameshanam9 Spentanam9,   and the amesha9 spentas9 of( bountiful Immortals)
Gathabyo10 spentabyo11 ratu-khshathrabyo12 ashaonibyo13,
see below
Ahunavaityao14 Gathayao15, of ahunavad14 gatha15
Ushtavaityao16 Gathayao17, of ushtavad16 gatha17 
Spenta18 Mainyeush18 Gathayao19, of spentomad18 gatha19
 Vohu-kshathrayao20 Gathayao21, of vohu-kshthtra20 gatha21  
Vahishtoishtoish22 Gathayao23, of vahishtosht22 gatha23
  from  the bountiful11 gatha10 ( which are) the lords of truth12 ( and) holy13 
ashaunam24 Fravashinam25 ughranam26 and also the powerful26 and triumphant27 fravashis25
aiwithuranam27. of the righteous men27
Paoiryo-tkaeshanam28 Fravashinam29  the fravashis29 of poryotkaeshas28 
naha30 nazdishtanam30 Fravashinam31 and the fravashis31 of nabanazdishta30 (i.e. of the next of kith and kin)

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Yasnaicha33 For the worship of them all33
vahmaicha34 for their invocation34
khshnaothraicha35 for their propitiation35
frasastayaecha36 for their glorification36
  the zaotar40 may proclaim41 before me42
  (the excellences of the sacred verses of) 
Yatha37 Ahu38 Vairyo39 Yatha37 Ahu38 Vairyo39
zaota40 fra me42 mrute43

see above

  The Raspi (i.e. the assistant priest) (who is) righteous49
  (and) learned50 may proclaim48 before me51 (the excellences of these sacred verses)
atha44 ratush45 ashatchit46 hacha47  atha44 ratush45 ashatchit46 hacha47 
fra48 asaava49 Vidhvao50 mraotu51

see above


ahurem mazdam40 raevantem41 khvarenanguhantem42 yazamaide43 We worship43 the wealth keeping41 and glorious42 (creator) Ahura Mazda40 
Amesha spenta44 hukhshathra45 hudhaongho46 yazamaide47  We worship47 the amesha44 spentas44 (i.e. bountiful Immortals)44 who are good rulers45 and possessing good sense46
Gathao-spentao48 ratu-khshathrao49    ashaonish50 yazamaide51 , we praise51 the bountiful48 gatha48 ( which are) the lords of truth49 ( and) holy50 
Ahunavaitim52 Gatham52 ashaonim53 ashahe54 ratum55 yazamaide56, we praise56 the holy53  ahunavad52 gatha52 which is the lord55 of righteousness54
Ushtavaitim57  Gatham57 ashaonim58 ashahe59 ratum60 yazamaide61,  we praise61 the  holy58 ushtavad57 gatha57 which is the lord60 of righteousness59
Spenta62 Mainyum62 Gatham62 ashaonim63 ashahe64 ratum64 yazamaide65,  we praise65 the  holy63 spentomad62 gatha62 , which is the lord of righteousness64
Vohu-kshathram66 Gatham66 ashaonim67 ashahe68 ratum68 yazamaide69,, we praise69 the  holy67 vohu-kshathra66 gatha66 which is the lord of righteousness68
Vahishtoishtim70 Gatham70 ashaonim71 ashahe72 ratum73 yazamaide74, we praise74 the  holy71 vahishtosht72 gatha72 which is the lord72 of righteousness72
Ashaonam75 vanguhish76 surao77 spentao78 fravashayo79 yazamaide80 we worship80 the excellent76 heroic77 and bountiful78 fravashis79 of the righteous people75
Ahunem81 vairim81 tanum82 păiti,83 Ahunavar81 protects83 the body82 
Ahunem81 vairim81 tanum82 păiti,83 Ahunavar81 protects83 the body82 
Ahunem81 vairim81 tanum82 păiti,83 Ahunavar81 protects83 the body82 
#Yathă Ahu Vairyő 1.  (**translation :Ahunavar